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 Thailand Vacation Guide

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PostSubject: Thailand Vacation Guide   Mon May 19, 2008 2:46 pm

What is the weather in Thailand? Thailand lies just south of
the Tropic of Cancer, within the tropical monsoon zone of Southeast
Asia, and enjoys a warm mild climate throughout the year.

divided, there are three seasons: the cool season (Nov.-Feb.), the hot
season (Apr-May), and the rainy season (Jun.-Oct.). Average
temperatures are about 29° C, ranging in Bangkok from 35° C in April to
17° C in December. The northern region can be a bit cooler during the
cool season, so visitors are advised to pack a sweater or light jacket
at this time. Closer to the equator, the southern peninsula of Thailand
has little seasonal variation in climate.
When is the best time to come?
best time to travel to Thailand is when the weather is cooler during
mid-October to early March. It's OK to visit off-season too as the
temperature is generally moderate throughout this period and there are
always lots of festivals and activities all-year-round.
Is Thailand a good place to bring kids?
are many activities available for children both land and water based,
please see the activities page on our website. The evenings for the
younger children other than cinemas and ten pin bowling is limited
after 7pm. We do offer a baby sitting service.
Are there any special festivals or events I should consider?
are a number of events throughout Thailand through the year, the major
event for Tourists is Songkran held in April please see our website for
details, New Year is also spectacular and is a major event in Pattaya
it starts early evening and goes on often past breakfast - don't forget
your camera.
What credit cards can I use?
and Mastercard are widely used at major hotels and some restaurants,
AMEX is not accepted everywhere. Small hotels, restaurants and many
shops do not accept credit cards so be prepared. Use your credit/debit
card to obtain cash from ATM’s(limit 20,000 baht a day). This is the
cheapest way to obtain Thai Baht. ATM/s are located in the main tourist
areas, department stores, and outside banks and shops. You can also
withdraw cash on your credit cards from local exchange tellers but need
to show your passport.
Are travelers checks accepted in Thailand?
Foreign denomination checks are easily exchanged for cash. However it
is not the cheapest way to buy Thai Baht. Foreign exchange counters are
located in all major tourist areas and never far away. Remember always
take your passport.

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Murray S
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PostSubject: Re: Thailand Vacation Guide   Mon May 19, 2008 2:48 pm

Always wanted to visit Thailand, this is a wonderful reference, thanks for posting it!
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Resident Expert - Australia
Resident Expert - Australia

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PostSubject: Re: Thailand Vacation Guide   Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:58 pm

As Thailand is the gateway to Europe for Aussies, I am a Thai Air FF and have been to Bangkok and beyond several times. We love Thailand as the people are so friendly and calm and over the last 10 years Bangkok has been cleaned up and modernised.

Weather wise, if you go in wet season - Nov to March, you need 1 pr shorts and t shirts / 2 days - after that the salt rings start showing!! You sweat profusely between hotel to shopping centre and back, so if you have an all day excursion, you can't wear those again (without washing)!! It is much more pleasant to go in the dry season- its still very hot so you can submerg in the hotel pool all day but doing excursions is more tolerable

If you go to Thailand, don't just stay in Bangkok, head north to Chang Mai - its a MUST DO, its cooler and wonderful for seeing the different 'colours' of culture and then further north to Chang Rai on the edge of the golden triangle and the burmese border - really interesting area. Also not to be missed is the area around the R Kwai, the beaches of Phuket (lots of Aussies there), the beaches around Pataya (much improved on previous years), Hat Hai etc and some of the islands off the coast,

There is so much I could say about Thailand but for us, it is the Thai culture - traditional designed hotels / resorts, the helpfull calm of the people and the food (ask the waiter to reduce the chilli in each dish, if eating outside the hotel) - the sights and smells of Asia, as I get off the plane - it just grabs me every time!!

Happy holidaying in Thailand
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PostSubject: Re: Thailand Vacation Guide   Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:39 am

Thailand - one of the most beautiful countries I have visited.

and the exchange rate is still wonderful for those using US dollars - am hoping to go back and get all my teeth done for about $20 K less than in the States.

Wish there were a lot of cruises cuz that would be the perfect way to recover - then again - I would miss being able to eat all those cruise meals til all healed!
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PostSubject: Re: Thailand Vacation Guide   

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Thailand Vacation Guide
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